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YouTubers You Should Be Watching

YouTubers You Should Be Watching

I’m a YouTube fanatic. Most days after work you can find me catching up on my YouTube subscriptions. I love beauty channels, vlog channels you name it. I spent this past weekend relaxing and watching old BBC documentations on British Royal History (I am a secret British royal history nerd) on YouTube. I decided I wanted to share some of my personal beauty and vlog faves with you.


The Sacconejolys

I love vlogs. But I am very specific about the vlog channels I follow. I like family vlogs - usually British. Why? Because American vloggers tend to like to do pranks and other outrageous things and I’m just not into it. Give me a vlog of people just going about their day anytime. The Sacconejolys have been on YouTube nearly ten years. They are an Irish couple who moved to the UK when their two oldest children were babies. It started with the husband and wife, Anna and Jonathan and has blossomed into their daily lives with 4 small kids and six (!) dogs. I have been following them for about 4 years now. They are not everyone’s cup of tea but I find them to be genuine and their kids are adorable with tons of personality.


Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

Rhiannon’s vlogs are the visual/audio equivalent of cuddling up with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book. If I’m having a bad day and I need something to chill me out and cheer me up - Rhiannon is who I watch. Her vlog follows her daily life with her adorable, sweet and hyper verbal daughter Delilah (who just turned 3) and her longtime partner Doug. Vlogs are usually of her and Delilah in their daily activities such as gardening, going to the park and cooking dinner. This may sound boring but I assure you it’s not. Rhiannon has such a lovely personality as do her daughter and fiance. The one descriptive word I would use for her vlogs is: Pleasant.


Raven Elyse TV

Raven is the only American vlogger I follow. Her vlogs center around lifestyle and her life as a single mom to her three year-old daughter daughter Ziya. Raven recently moved into her first home and her vlogs have been about everything from moving, DIY projects, home decor hauls and daily routines. Raven is funny and relateable and her daughter Ziya is a whole MOOD.

Beauty Channels


Samantha Ravndahl

I’ve been subscribed to Sam’s channel for years now and she has grown and changed so much in that time. She is one of the few people I would watch simply because I like their personality. But she is also amazing at makeup and gives really great informative tutorials (she is a former professional MUA). She also has been really open with her struggles with depression, her becoming vegan and also becoming a more environmentally conscious consumer and influencer. She was recently featured on The Cut for her decision to no longer accept PR from brands. Outside of all that- she’s just a hilarious person. She’s funny, self-deprecating and down to earth.


Kinky Sweat

I am always looking for people on YouTube with a similar skin tone as mine for makeup reviews. I found Alicia (aka Kinky Sweat) because I was looking for reviews of Pat McGrath’s palettes on a similar complexion as mine. I’ve been subscribed ever since. Alicia does high end (and occasionally low end) makeup brand reviews and tutorials. Her reviews are in depth and she always shows various ways of using products. I brought my very first Wayne Goss makeup brush because of Alicia. She’s chatty so her videos are not short- but you will walk away feeling pretty knowledgeable about a product and knowing if you want to spend your money on it. She usually does quite a few looks using a product Alicia is a non-professional makeup enthusiasts and the looks she creates are easy to replicate and her POV on makeup is relateble


Mel Thompson

Mel is another high-end makeup reviewer and a former makeup artist for MAC. This woman KNOWS makeup. It’s her passion and it comes across in her videos. First off she is talented, secondly she is gorgeous (as seen in the photo above) and third she’s a sweetheart. Mel is almost always one of the first people to have a review up on a launch (same goes for Kinky Sweat btw!). She does 1-3 looks with a palette and the looks are always BOMB. Because she reviews mostly higher end brands she gives great scoop about whether a product is worth your money.


Patricia Bright

I originally started following Patricia Bright on her semi-defunct vlog channel, BritPopLife vlogs, Her vlog followed her and her husband Mike’s daily lives as well as the birth and arrival of their daughter, Grace. She doesn’t post on that channel very often anymore. But - she does post on her beauty channel. Patricia is a hoot. She is one of the funniest people I watch on YouTube. Her channel is technically a beauty channel but she also does clothing reviews (which are INSANELY funny), life and finance advice and yes, the occasional vlog. Patricia is known for her funny tag lines (rich in color rich in life, and shining, shining are just a couple). She is another makeup and beauty enthusiast who approaches makeup from a relatable place. But she is also a successful entrepreneur with a background in finance who gives amazing advice to her subs.


The Taylaa

Taylor (or Taylaa as her channel name suggests) is a OG YouTuber. She’s been around since she was in college and her channel has blown up due to her series 15 Days of Foundation. She does the series 2-3 times a year and during it, every single day a new foundation is reviewed. The series also helps raise money for the charity Project Beauty Share. Over the years Taylor has helped raise hundred of thousands of dollars for the charity that benefits low-income and homeless women needing help getting back on their feet and into society through products that increase their self-esteem or that they need for everyday living. Taylor is only in her mid-twenties but she is an incredibly impressive young woman. She studied Arabic. lived overseas, just bought her first place and travels all around the world in her free time. I would love to be Taylor when I grow up. If you are a foundation fanatic like myself Taylor’s channel is a must watch. She is great at reviewing the latest foundation releases. Also for a non-professional makeup lover her makeup looks are always stunning. If you prefer more affordable to mid-range brand reviews, Taylor is your girl.


Caroline Hirons

If I could be friends with anyone on YouTube it would be this woman. I adore her. Caroline Hirons is a trained aesthetician and skincare expert who has consulted and worked with various brands on their skincare lines and products. Her own collaboration with Pixi Beauty - the Double Cleanse Duo is a fan favorite. Caroline knows what she’s talking about and she delivers the info with a dry wit. She’s not a bullshitter. Her channel is fantastic for straight up info about skincare products and how to use them, But…I l also HIGHLY recommend following her on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter for her biting humor and Instagram for her…biting humor AND her Hello! with Hirons series where she reads through the latest issue of Hello! Magazine. You will be in stitches of laughter.


Angelica Nyqvist

i started following Angelica for her series, Makeup Going on the Wishlist or Nah, where she talks about the latest makeup releases and if she’s planning on purchasing them. But I stayed for her amazing makeup looks and tutorials. Angelica is NOT afraid of color. She is bold and experimental and I love it. Her approach to makeup is very similar to mine. If you are looking for tutorials of neutral brown looks this is not the channel for you. What I love about Angelica is her sense of humor and the fact that her makeup skills are entirely self-taught. She talks about how makeup doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. And that makeup doesn’t have to be conventionally beautiful at all. That it’s all about expression. And that is incredibly refreshing to watch and hear in a sea full of neutral makeup channels.



And last but in no way least is Picturessque aka Regina. Where do I begin with channel. Regina goes balls to the wall with her videos. She doesn’t just create makeup looks. She creates an entire VIBE. Complete with a theme, a wig, contacts, music, costume….her videos are EPIC. And she is INSANELY talented. She is one of those makeup magicians where it doesn’t look like she’s doing much but them BAM - it’s a whole lewk. Recently she has been doing an homage to classic Hollywood beauties like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly and the completed looks are uncanny. She doesn’t speak in her videos. It’s just music, amazing editing, her showing herself create the looks and an astonishing finished product. It’s almost like ASMR for the makeup lover - but better.

Are you a YouTube fan? What channels do you love? Let me know in the comments!


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