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August Favorites: Podcasts, Binge-watching and Setting Spray

August Favorites: Podcasts, Binge-watching and Setting Spray

I can’t believe we are at the end of August and Summer is essentially over. This summer felt like it lasted about two weeks. But alas, here we are and I wanted to cap off the season and the month with what I’ve been enjoying.


Coola Suncare Setting Spray

I received this setting spray in a FabFitFun box and it’s one of two things from that box that I have been continually using and reaching for. It’s even made it into my everyday makeup bag. This setting spray is fantastic. I had been using the Ulta Rose Water Setting Spray but that one also left my face looks a tad too glowy for my liking and took forever to dry down. I also felt that it sometimes messed with the makeup underneath it. This one is great because it dries down immediately and leaves the skin with a soft matte finish and doesn’t disturb my foundation or other products. I do not use this as my final step in my makeup application. I use it during the day to refresh my sunscreen. The Coola spray is significantly more expensive than the Ulta one but I feel it is worth it for me and I will be repurchasing.


I’m on the late freight with this one, but I recently started listening to H.E.R, (real name Gabriella Wilson), and well…I’m obsessed. Her voice is so fantastic as are her songwriting skills. She also plays guitar and bass on a lot of her songs. I giess you would categorize her music ad contemporary R & B but I feel like her style and influences are a bit broader than that.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Parfum

I recently got a sample of this in a Sephora order and I fell completely in love with it. It reminds me quite a bit of Annick Goutal Petite Cherie - but slightly less sweet. I’ve been making my little sample stretch and have added this to my Sephora Loves list. I may pick it up in the next Rouge sale event.

Business Wars Podcast

I mentioned this podcast in my Summer Podcast Playlist post and I am still really enjoying it. They release new episodes twice a week The current story they are telling is Harley Davidson and the Biker Wars. Which has been pretty interesting. I love the “reenactments” they do on the show of conversations. They add to the dramatic element.

The Affair

I started watching this on Amazon Prime earlier this month and have been slowly working my way through it’s first 4 seasons. I’m currently at the end of season 2. I am a huge Ruth Wilson fan (Luther fans shout out!) and she is amazing in this. The story overall is compelling and I like the story-telling device they use of telling the same story twice from multiple POVs and showing how different each character perceives themselves and the people around them. It also does a great job at showing how we are humans are often unreliable narrators of our own lives.

What things have you enjoyed in August? Let me know in the comments!


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