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5 Simple Hacks To Make Your Morning Routine A Breeze

5 Simple Hacks To Make Your Morning Routine A Breeze


Over the last year or so I’ve been working on trying to make my mornings less chaotic. I got tired of feeling like I was rushing out of the house every morning. And so I decided to take steps to make my routine more efficient and all around less stressful. Here are a few of the “hacks” I have implemented which have helped me get out of the house on time and without feeling like a chicken with its head cut off.


Shower at night

I have been doing this for years and it really helps. Not only does it help me sleep but it also leaves a good 10-15 extra minutes for me in the morning. I do my full shower routine (shave legs, underarms, etc.) and moisturize and throw on my jammies (yes I still call them jammies).

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier; wake up 15 minutes earlier

This is a recent experiment I’ve started - I’ve actually been going to bed 30 minutes early and waking up 15-30 minutes earlier. And not only do I feel more rested but I have that extra time in the morning so that I don’t feel so rushed.

Prepare your lunch the night before

I know a lot of folks meal prep, but if you’re like me and that isn’t your jam then this works as well. I don’t bring my lunch to work often mainly because I get bored with food and am a bit more spontaneous with what I like to eat on a day to day basis (my wallet wishes I was more boring). But I do like to bring my lunch sometimes and even my breakfast. And so I put everything together the night before so that it’s ready to just be thrown in my bag the next morning.


Pick out your clothes the night before

Yup. Just like Mom used to do when you were little. It sounds simple but this has been such a lifesaver. And I’m not just speaking of knowing what you want to wear, but pulling the items out, doing any kind of ironing, etc. I put everything I will be wearing the next day together in my armoire - including undies. In the morning, everything is right there and there is no digging through drawers or closets.

Eat breakfast at work

I know a few people who eat breakfast at home before they leave and I marvel at that. How?? Who has the time? I sure don’t. And so I either pack my breakfast with my lunch the night before or pick up breakfast on the way and eat when I get to work.

These are pretty straightforward things to do to make getting out the door a bit easier every morning. What are some of your tips for an easy morning routine? Let me know in the comments!


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