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July Favorites: Music, TV and Podcasts

July Favorites: Music, TV and Podcasts

We are the end of July folks, can you believe it? This summer is flying by! July was a a weird month for me. I got sick - twice, had dental surgery, a sick cat and's been interesting. So I spent the majority of July either working, resting in bed or taking care of a sick kitty. Most of this month's favorites are all the things that kept me busy while I convalesced. I listed to a ton of podcasts, caught up on my favorite shows and listened to music. 



Billie Eilish, Don't Talk To Me

I feel like I am so late on discovering Billie Eilish, but I so glad I did. This basically a mood. Specifically my mood for this entire summer. If you haven't listened to it I highly recommend doing so. My fave songs Bellyache, Idon'twannabeyouanymore, & burn and ocean eyes. Also give the single she released this year a listen, bitches broken hearts. I'm telling you...a mood. 


Wynonna Earp

I've talked about this show in a previous post and how much I love it. It's one of my favorite shows and that's saying something because I generally don't have favorite tv shows. I like a lot of them. I can count the ones that I will watch and rewatch on one hand. Wynonna Earp is one of those shows. It's third season started this month and  it's just reminding me all over again why I love it so much. Don't let the admittedly silly premise fool you: this show is all about the power of family, the power of friendship. And the power of women. 


The Rewatchables

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I am always on the look out for new ones. This one I discovered a few weeks ago and have been binge-listening to ever since. If you are a movie buff then The Rewatchables is a must-listen for you. The premise behind the pod is discussing films that are "rewatchable". Films that we never get tired of watching. And then they break the films down, discussing plot, acting and the actors in the roles, behind the scenes tidbits, alternate casting and where the films stands in the lexicon of it's actor's and director's careers. Films they discuss include everything from The Devil Wears Prada, Get Out, Heat and The Dark Knight and Princess Bride, to name a few. 


Bolthouse Farms Peach Parfait Breakfast Smoothie

I hesitated to add this since, I mean - it's a smoothie drink. But I've been downright obsessed with it this month so it seemed only right to include it. Since I could only eat soft foods after my dental surgery, I opted to just drink smoothie drinks for breakfast in the mornings (those three days post-surgery all I ate was ice cream, ramen and smoothies - don't judge me). I discovered this one on a lark because I was bored with my usual Naked Juice Protein Zone and decided to give this one a try. OMG. It's SO delicious. Like, seriously delicious. I don't know about any of the other flavors and I don't want to. Peach Parfait is the one for me. 


June's Journey Hidden Object Game

Fun fact: I love gaming apps. And I especially love hidden object games. I discovered this one when an ad for it popped up in another game I was playing. It is the sister game to the hidden objects game, Pearl's Peril. Which I played all the way to the end and was very sad when I reached it. This one is just as fun. And I'm kind of obsessed with it. The graphics are beautiful and the story is pretty engaging as well. 


What are some of the things you've loved this month? Let me know in the comments!

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