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10 Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching

10 Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching

I am a YouTube fanatic. It's something that has happened quite organically when I started watching a few makeup reviews and tutorials and has blossomed into daily watching of vloggers and beauty influencers. There are of course tons of well known beauty youtubners like Zoella, but there are also some mid-range to small YouTubers that are killing it right now. Below is a list of some of my faves you definitely should be watching.

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1. Jackie Aina

Okay if you don't know who Jackie Aina is where have you been?? The creator of the much-loved and copied "Trends We're Ditching In..." series and an outspoken voice for inclusiveness in the makeup industry, Jackie is BIG. Her sense of humor and sarcasm cannot be matched and she is a great resource for all women - not just WOC.

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2. Patricia Bright

I first discovered Patricia not from her beauty channel but for her now defunct vlogging channel which she shared with her husband Mike. The two of them together are comedic gold but Patricia is just as funny all on her own. Her channel has exploded in the past year, mostly due to her hilarious " I spent" series, where she buys clothing from sites like Wish, SheIn and Romwe and tries them on on camera. Her signature phrases? "Shining, shining, shining yeah..." and "nipple to the wind". Just watch her. And thank me later!


3. Thataylaa

Taylor - or Thataylaa as she's known has been on YouTube since she was a teenager. Her channel is known for the popular series Foundation Fridays and the quarterly series 15 days of foundation where she tries a new foundation every Friday for 15 days straight. If you have super pale skin, struggle with acne or just really love makeup and sarcasm check her out!

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4. Stephanie Nicole

Stephanie Nicole is my jam. I have to admit to personal bias because I met her once and she's awesome and it's only made me an even bigger fan. If you are looking for a perky overly enthusiastic personality...she is not the YouTuber for you. If like myself you love well thought out, researched and detailed reviews, dry humor with a large dash of DGAF Stephanie is your girl!

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5. Samantha Ravndahl

Samantha was one of the very first channels I ever subscribed to. Once you get past how insanely gorgeous she is, she is an incredibly talented makeup artist. She is also down to earth and funny. When I want to learn a new technique Samantha is who I watch.


6. MesiJesiBeauty

If you love lipstick or follow brands like ColourPop and Jouer on Instagram then chances are you've seen a Jesi before. Or at least her lips. The girl does killer lipstick swatches and is often shared on various brands social media and websites sporting their lipsticks. Alongside that is she is funny, self-deprecating and fun to watch.

Jazzi Filipek.jpg

7. Jazzi Filipek

The first word that comes to mind to describe Jazzi is sweet. She is a relatively new YouTuber but her channel has grown very quickly. She is a great resource for product recommendations and info if like, you have super oily skin

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8. Dina Tokio

I love Dina! A British Muslim beauty and fashion lover with a quick wit and kooky sense of humor. When I describe an average modern Muslim woman she is a prime example. Her sense of style is impeccable and her videos are always fun and engaging to watch. And she is featured in the latest issue of British Vogue!


9. RawBeautyKristi

No bullshit reviews? Check. Hysterical commentary? Check. Refreshingly realistic beauty expectations? Check! I began watching and Kriti's videos only this past summer but she is already one of my favorites. She is so down to earth and relateable and funny.


10. Thomas Halbert

Like with Kristi, I discovered Thomas' channel this past summer and was hooked. Straight forward no holds barred reviews and irreverant sense of humor(can you see the theme here? I like people who make me laugh! and what makes his channel stand out. Not to mention that his eye makeup is ALWAYS on point.

Do you watch YouTube? Who are some of your favorite beauty influencers? Let me know in the comments!

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