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Everything to De-Clutter in the New Year

Everything to De-Clutter in the New Year

My house is a bit of a mess. I fully admit that. Once winter rolls around I hibernate like a bear and domestic things sometimes fall to the wayside. And so with the new year approaching it's time for a nice New Year de-clutter session! Below are what I will be de-cluttering this January to start 2018 fresh and organized.

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1. Beauty and makeup products

I love makeup, beauty and skin care. And if you like all of these things as well, I suspect you are a bit of a hoarder with them like myself.  So I will be tossing all expired, old and unused makeup. Anything that is gently used or unopened that I don't plan on using I will be donating to Project Beauty Share. They are fantastic organization based in Washington that accepts gently used or new beauty products for homeless women.  

2. Clothes

I have been slowly but surely pairing down my wardrobe over the last year. I have adopted a one in one out policy with my garments. Having said that - my clothes collection has still grown (how did that happen?). I will be going through everything again and seeing what fits, what I don't ever wear anymore or what is simply no longer my style. Anything that is still wearable I will donate or give away and anything worn and faded will be tossed.

3. Old magazines

I don't read magazines as much as I used to. I much prefer reading magazine articles online. But I still have a decent amount that can be tossed. 

4. Expired food

Take a good long look in your kitchen cabinets and/or pantry. It is quite likely there are things that have long expired that you've forgotten about. If there is anything that is still good (like canned goods for example) that you no longer want or need, think about donating them to a food bank. 

5. Candles

Okay, this is a tough one for me. I love scented candles. I swear by them during the winter months going into spring. But my collection has gotten out of hand. I will go through my stash and toss anything that is more than half empty that I haven't used in a long time. 

6. Gifts you received and never use

This one is a tough one as well. It can make you feel mean or ungrateful to give away or toss items that someone purchased for you out of the kindness of their heart. BUT - if you are not using them what's the difference? Donate or give away what you can and let someone else enjoy them.

7. Old phones

I know someone who has held on to every iPhone they have ever purchased dating back to the very first one ever released. Why? Because they felt like they spent their money and didn't want to waste it by tossing them. I, on the other hand have sold every iPhone I've ever owned as soon as I upgrade. I sell mine on eBay and have always made a decent $75-$100 for them. Not bad. And certainly better than letting them sit in a drawer gathering dust!


What will you be de-cluttering in the new year? Let me know in the comments!


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