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The Homebody's Easy Guide to New Year's Eve

The Homebody's Easy Guide to New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is right around the corner. And while I know many are getting their NYE outfits, hair and makeup together and looking forward to partying the night away at one glamorous venue or another, I am anxiously anticipating....staying home.

I love being at home. I am a proud homebody. When I was in my 20's I did the "going out on NYE thing". And all I got was overpriced venue tickets, lackluster food, sore feet and an empty wallet by the end of the night.  So me and my fam have made it an annual tradition to stay home, hunker down and ring in the new year together. If you are ringing in the new year at home as well I have created a guide to make it the coziest new year's eve yet!

Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

Create a Menu

If you will be having friends or family over (NYE is a great girl's night option) create a small menu that doesn't involve you having to cook a load of food. My Mom is known for her NYE chili nachos. We look forward to them every year. It takes her about 20 minutes to make and they're amazing. We will also be having a cheese board, cookies, chocolate and chips & dip! Party food in small portions is the way to go.

Don't forget the drinks

Again - minimal effort and cozy vibes are the rule. If you drink alcohol think about drinks that will be great to sip throughout the night (mulled wine, Moscow mules, even hot toddys). My family doesn't drink so we will be having raspberry hot chocolate and apple cider. I also will make sure to have everyone's favorite sodas available. 

Clothing Optional

Okay - not all clothing. But if you want to make it a truly cozy night have everyone wear their pajamas. What could be more relaxing than hanging out in your pjs? I for one will be wearing my polar bear onsie and I am so excited for it!

Blankets and throws

Make sure to have throws and blankets available for everyone to snuggle up with. If you don't have many to spare, tell your guests to bring their own!


I love a good board game. On NYE we will be playing some of our faves. My brother and I still love CandyLand (just picture two grown ups in their 30's playing a children's board game). Just make sure to play games that aren't too intense or time-consuming (I find people either get waaay too competitive and it kills the vibe or the game goes on too long and people get bored). Cards is another great option. 


Pick a couple of films that are crowd favorites or that no one has ever seen. We tend to stick to comedies and/or action films because they are relatively short and we can squeeze more than one in.  On my list? Girls' Trip and Rough Night!

Don't forget the toast!

You can't forget the champagne! Have your bottle of bubbly (or sparkling grape juice in my case!) ready to toast to 2018. Kisses are optional. 


What are your NYE plans? Will you be staying in or going out? Let me know in the comments.

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