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What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

I recently purchased a new handbag and had to clean out my old one and transfer everything over. I figured now that my bag is nice and clean and exactly how I would want it too look - i.e, all the empty gum wrappers, receipts, and errant facial tissues have been thrown away - now would be a great time to do a "What's In My" post. 


My Bag

I purchased this tan tote from Forever 21 recently, and so far I I really like it. It has tons of compartments (which I love) is a decent size and is lightweight. It was also incredibly affordable and looks waaay more expensive than it actually is. 


The Contents

Like I stated earlier, I cleaned my old bag out while moving everything over so my bag is the most organized it's been in awhile (I give this a week -tops). It's crazy how much crap we can carry around with us that we never actually need. My old bag had so much stuff in it that I don't even need or use!

1. Olivia & Joy wallet. This wallet is about two years old and stuffed to the gills (cleaning this out will be my next project). I got this as a present from my Mom and while I like it and it serves me well, I am on the lookout for something a smaller, lighter and compact. The wallet accounts for most of the weight of my bag. 

2. Forever 21 sunglasses. I bought these when I bought the bag. I am a lover of cheap sunglasses. I cant bring myself to pay a ton for sunglasses because if they were ever broken or were lost I would be hella mad. These glasses have a cool retro vibe to them and don't overpower my tiny face. 

3. iPhone 6. My phone is a dinosaur but it's still in good working condition (though the battery life is crap). I've been dragging my feet about upgrading but I am finally ready to do so. I'm leaning towards the iPhone 8 in Rose Gold. The little item on the back of my phone case is a Pop Socket. I seriously don't know what I did before getting one of these. It makes holding your phone so much easier and it works as a stand when you are watching videos. I got *mine for  on Amazon. My *case is from Amazon as well.

4. Suave 24 Hour Protection. I suffer from hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) and this is one of the few OTC deodorants that helps. I always keep it on hand just in case of a sweating emergency. It's not my fave though. It leaves horrid stain on the armpits of dark clothes. I am going to try Dove's new clinical strength spray deodorant and see how that works. 

5. Wet n' Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in Rebel Rose. I almost always have 2-3 lipsticks or glosses in my purse at any given time. Rebel Rose is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. The color is a really beautiful neutral-toned dusky rose that works on lots of different skin tones. It's great for everyday wear and the formula isn't super drying. And it's super affordable at only $4.99. I got mine from Ulta but I know that Target carries it as well.

6. SeedGeeks Pure & Simple Unscented Lip Balm. I order this lip balm from a shop called SeedGeeks on Etsy that sells lip balms, lotions, soaps and seeds for your garden. This lip balm is amazing! I can put it on at night before bed and I wake up and not only is it still there but my lips are soft and moisturized. It's made with simple all-natural ingredients like beeswax and sunflower oil. You can buy it scented but I prefer the unscented version. I buy them two at a time and they last me at about six months. 

7. Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses. I wear contact lenses most of the work week. And because my eyes are so sensitive I need to use daily contact lenses. I've been using this particular brand for years. I always keep an emergency pair in my bag in case my eyes are feeling extra irritated or itchy and I need to replace my contacts during the day. 

8. Bath and Body Works Lavender Hand Sanitizer. My mother carries hand sanitizer with her at all times and I have inherited this habit. I like the smell of this one. Lavender is one of my favorite scents and this one isn't over-powering or artificial smelling. 

9. ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip in Netta. I talked about this lip gloss in my April favorites post earlier this week. It is hanging out in my bag and probably will be for some time because I wear it so much. 

10. Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in 330 Toffee. I honestly just carry this compact for the mirror. I should probably just buy a cute little compact but, eh. This works fine. I used to use this for touching up my makeup throughout the day but since I changed my makeup routine earlier this year I try to avoid touching up with powders and just blot my skin with either a facial tissue or oil blotters if I have them. It works better and my skin doesn't feel like I have layers upon layers of powder on at the end day. Now I use it to darken the lace on my wigs. Works perfectly and matches the color of my scalp perfectly (a little wig installation insight there for you).


I always find What's In My Bag" posts so interesting. They are kind of like the virtual-version of snooping through someone's medicine cabinet - but with permission!

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