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March Goals

March Goals

Okay, I will be completely honest with you. My February goals list was a complete bust. Between chronic migraines and a general onslaught of SAD, I was not feeling my best last month. I was able to get started on my bullet journal (which for some reason is taking me forever to complete - help!). I also read two books (yay!). As for the vacation...that is still very much in the air for now. I am planning on moving soon and I think I want to focus on that for now and not spread myself - or my budget - too thin. Catching up with friends was also a fail - but this was more due to scheduling conflicts, and a rather major snowstorm that passed through, than anything else. And the Girl Scout Cookie order came in and that's pretty much all I've been wanting (Thin Mints are everything). So not too bad. But also not great. I am hoping that this month will be better. I am keeping this month's goal list short and sweet.


1. Catch up With Friends

This is still very much a top priority. Winter can be a lonely time - her in Chi-Town we all kind of hibernate like bears and wait for the first signs of Spring. Here is hoping weather - and scheduling - are in my favor.

2. Continue Reading More

This will be an ongoing goal for each month. I have so thoroughly enjoyed getting back to reading. Audio books have been a lifesaver. I try to listen to one book on the way to and from work and read a book on my kindle before bed. This routine has been working out rather nicely.

3. Get More Sleep

I am usually really good about maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. This past month has been rough. With chronic migraines I have a hard time sleeping. But SAD makes me exhausted and so I fall asleep super early only to wake up at ten at night and be wide awake. So basically I've been exhausted for the last month.  My migraines have finally let up after a rough two weeks where I had one practically everyday. So I am hoping this will help.

4. Pack Up All Makeup I Will Be Donating

I still haven't gone through everything like I need to but I already have a nice list going for what I want to get rid of and donate. I will be donating my  makeup to Project Beauty Share


What are your some of your goals for March? Let me know in the comments!

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