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My Favorite Podcasts of 2018

My Favorite Podcasts of 2018

It’s that time of year folks! We are in the final 31 days of 2018 and everyone is coming out with their “best of” and favorites” of 2018. I look forward to these lists at the end of the year. I love reading about what other people enjoyed during the year just as much as I like writing about what I enjoyed. So…expect a few more of these as we wrap up 2018. Today’s post is all about podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts. And this years was no exception. I wanted to keep my list pretty tidy so I omitted a few off the list that I didn’t listen to as regularly. The below list is in no particular order since I don’t need that kind of stress in my life. One thing I will say is that this list encapsulates a lot of my interest perfectly: pop culture, politics, supernatural stories and true crime.


Keep It

Funny commentary on pop culture and current events? Yes, please. This podcast is great addition to your faves if you like social commentary mixed with comedy and irreverence. Want to know about the latest about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B (and let’s be honest - who doesn’t)? Check. Want to hear a discussion about Rihanna turning down the Superbowl half-time show?Check. Or why Lena Dunham is the worst (we kind of already know this but it’s fun to to talk about anyway)? Check.


In The Dark

I’ve mentioned this podcast before but it deserves to be mentioned about again because it’s second season this year was truly one of the most compelling, upsetting, frustrating and engaging stories I have ever listened to on a podcast. The podcasts spends an entire season investigation the conviction and subsequent 7 retrials of Curtis Flowers. A man convicted of murdering multiple people in a furniture store in the 90’s. I won’t reveal more than that because you will have to hear it to believe it. Start with Season 2 and work your way back to Season 1 - which is also amazing, but the revelation in real time of Season 2 will blow your mind.


The Rewatchables

This is another podcast I have shouted out here TMW before. If you are a movie buff this is the podcast for you. Each episode is dedicated to a “rewatchable film” ranging from Dazed and Confused to My Best Friend’s Wedding to Heat to Step Brothers. There is an episode for pretty much everyone. The great thing about the Rewatchables is that it’s a podcast you can jump into ant any point. Each episodes functions as a standalone item so you can hop around, skip and jump in as you see fit. And as someone who is an acting and movie geek like myself, it is so nice to listen to in-depth conversations about movies, the people who made them, the behind the scenes scoop and even who would have or cold have been cast in a particular role. Who knew Gene Hackman was originally asked to be in The Fugitive?!


Cabinet of Curiosities

Don’t have time to listen to a half hour or hour long podcast but want something that engaging and interesting? This podcast is for you. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke of Lore fame, this podcast feature 15 minute tales of strange and odd things within history. It’s a hard podcast to explain since every episode features a fairly random subject. Because the episodes are so quick and easy to listen to I tend to binge this podcast. I listen to 3-4 episodes at a time while I’m working or commuting.


The Wilderness

For my fellow political animals. AN in depth look at the beginning of the Democratic party, where it stands now and where it needs to go in the future. I won’t lie - this was a tough one to get through at first to me. Not because it wasn’t good. It’s an impeccably done show. But because if you are still hurting from the 2016 election and still wondering how it happened, retracing those times and steps is a rough listen. But it’s worth it. This podcast isn’t a complete Debbie Downer, I promise. In fact I walked away from the final episode feeling rejuvenated and motivated. Especially post mid term elections!



Limetown first debuted in 2015 to rave reviews and a cult fan base. I and a friend of mine were obsessed with it. We would listen to it on our way home from work and then text each other, writing things like “OMG” “WHOA” “ Can you believe that?!”
After a nearly three year hiatus it is finally back. I am still working my way through episodes so I can’t tell you much about it. And I really couldn’t tell you much about it anyway because…spoilers. BUT if your interest is peaked I HIGHLY suggest starting with Season 1. This is NOT the kind of podcast you can just jump into. The story is intricate and detailed - but SO good.



Overall this is a great podcast that I would highly recommend in general. The narrator has an amazing voice which is borderline ASMR - but most importantly the stories are compelling and wrapped up in the lives of real and every day people. But I think Embedded outdid themselves this year with their 5 part series about Coal. Yes, coal. Or more accurately, the people of coal country. It follows four people, the owner of a coal mine, two laid off workers with very different perspectives, and an aspiring coal miner. The report begins right before the 2016 election and follows each person to a year after the election. What I loved about this series is that it gives understanding and context about the coal industry and why so many of the people in coal country are unwilling to let the dream of coal returning to it’s glory days go, despite all evidence that it is a dying industry



Another Aaron Mahnke joint. I swear, that man has like five jobs, and if you follow him on Twitter you know this is NOT an exaggeration. But it cannot be denied that he creates really interesting podcasts. This one centers around the Salem Witch Trials. And not the version we often read about. Aaron goes way way back to the beginning and the origins of the people of Salem. Interviews with historians, detailed accounts, and records are all a part of this tale. And what you quickly discover is that Salem Witch Trials was really all about family feuds. Yep, You read that right. I won’t say anymore. Give this a listen.


Thirst Aid Kit

A podcast dedicated to drooling over hot male actors. That is all. And it’s enough. This podcast is for all of us that drool over male actors and have nowhere to channel that thirst. You can channel it here and be among your people. I mean, where else will you hear someone describe Lee Pace as sturdy and delicate at the same time (SO TRUE)?? No where.


And there you have it folks, my list of favorite podcasts of 2018. What have been some of your personal faves this year?


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