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Makeup Brands I Want to Try In 2019

Makeup Brands I Want to Try In 2019

2018 has been such a fast-paced year in beauty and makeup. It seems like every week brands come out with new products and it can be hard to keep up. I decided to compile a list of brands I want to try - or try more of - in 2019.

Makeup Brands I Want To Try in 2019


If you’ve been reading TMW for awhile you have more than likely heard me mention Hourglass a few times. I have tried some of their products. Not many. But what I have tried I’ve loved and it’s made me want to branch out a bit and try more in 2019. Specifically their ambient lightning blushes and powders.


Linda Hallberg Cosmetics

If you are a makeup enthusiast then chances are you know who Linda Hallberg is. If you do not. Linda Hallberg is a Swedish makeup artist and blogger who started her own line of cosmetics a few years ago. I’ve had my eye on a few things for awhile and she recently released two new palettes. One of them is STUNNING. And I want it. Her line is…not cheap. One of her four pan palette is $59. That is more expensive than a 6 pan mini palette from Pat McGrath - just to give you a price frame of reference. So I am writing a little wish list to hit the $100 free US shipping threshold (the brand is based in Sweden). Which shouldn’t be hard! I’ve heard nothing but good things about the brand and quality of products and this is probably the brand I am most excited to try in 2019.


Zoeva Cosmetics

Another international brand, based in Germany. Zoeva first started with only makeup brushes and eventually branched out into cosmetics. I have been looking for a eye shadow palette that would make me want to pull the trigger and place an order. And they have finally released one. in late November they released their Eclectic Eyes palette and OMG…it’s beautiful. I would like to order than palette as well as maybe a few other and of course some of their brushes, which people rave about.


Wayne Goss Brushes

Okay I am going to give you all a short task: Google Wayne Goss brushes and look up the prices…I’ll wait. You back? Did you choke on your tea? Fall out of your chair? How are you feeling? I felt exactly the same way when I first saw their price tags. I harrumphed and rolled my eyes and said “that’s insane. I would never pay that much for a damn makeup brush”. Cut to a year later and I find myself going to the Beautylish website just to look at them. Here is the truth about makeup brushes - well a PARTIAL truth. The quality of the brushes you use can make all the difference in how your makeup turns out. Now do you need to spend an arm and a leg to get a decent makeup brush. Of course not. I use ColourPop brushes, Bdellium brushes are great and even Wet N’ Wild has some awesome brushes. BUT. Watching some of my favorite makeup artists work with these brushes and seeing the ease of blending makes me want to try a few of these brushes.


Smith Cosmetics

See my Wayne Goss brush rant above. Basically the same deal. Only slightly less expensive.


Sydney Grace Co.

This indie eye shadow brand has made a name for themselves in the makeup community. Every beauty guru I watch raves about the quality of their shadows. But I am not a single shadow kind of girl. I like the ease of a palette. Finally last month Sydney Grace released there first palette. Autumn’s Reign. And while I liked the shades I wasn’t in love with it enough to purchase it. I am hoping that in the coming year, they will release another palette so I can finally try their formula for myself.


Give Me Glow Cosmetics
I am an OG Give Me Glow fan. I remember when they were exclusively on Etsy and they sold dupes of popular liquid lipstick colors from brands like Jeffree Star, Kat Von D and Stila. That was some years back. And they have morphed into a company with their own line of liquid lipstick shades and even eye shadows. I have tried their liquid lipstick formula and I really like it. But what I am really wanting to try is their eye shadow formula. They recently teased the cover of an upcoming palette on their Instagram and if the cover is a good indication of what the shades will be…sign me up!


Suva Beauty

This brand is all over Instagram with their Saffron and Block Party palettes. The shadows all look so pigmented and beautiful. They also have a really unique eyeliner formula in fun colors that I really want to try.


Blush Tribe

I mentioned them in my Black Friday wish list last month. Alas, the palette I wanted was sold out so I am still waiting to try this UK-based brand out. I also love that the brand is owned by a Muslim WOC. Her sister also owns a makeup brand, the indie brand Certifeye. I do own one of the Certifeye palettes which is great. And rumor has it that the two sisters are working on a palette collaboration together!


I don’t know if this brand is exactly my aesthetic. But I’ve heard enough about their Boy Brow Gel and their Cloud Paint blush that I want to give them a try.


What’s on your list of brands to try in 2019?

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