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5 Easy Ways To Cozy Up Your Home for Fall

5 Easy Ways To Cozy Up Your Home for Fall

Fall is upon us and I can think about is coziness. I am cozy-fying my apartment and getting it ready for the chillier months. This is what I look forward to the most when the season changes (besides the fashion, of course) - I look forward to that feeling of snuggling up under blankets, drinking tea and being tucked away from the elements. I am a homebody at heart and the cooler months give me a great excuse to hibernate. I am also someone whose moods are affected by my surroundings. My space has to look and feel cozy. Below are some of the ways I have been “cozy-fying” my apartment. They are simple, easy and relatively affordable.


  1. Throw blankets and throw pillows.

    For me optimal coziness means lots of blankets and pillows to snuggle up with. If you don’r have the space or budget to swap out your pillows, pillow covers are a great and cheaper alternative. Throw blankets’ price range can go from super cheap to super expensive. If you are feeling crafty you could always knit your own super trendy chunky knit blanket. I am thinking of trying this out myself this year. It’s relatively easy and definitely more affordable than buying them in store. Blankets for everyone! Not really but you get my point.

2. Candles and oil diffusers

Ahhh candles They create such a vibe with barely any effort. You just light the damn things and voila! Instant coziness. Of course this will all depend ion your scent preference. I personally go for candles with scents like sandalwood and bergamot in them. If you’re not into candles, oil diffusers are a great alternative. And unlike candles, you won’t have to worry about the scent dissipating when you blow it out! Major plus.

3. Plants

This may seem like a strange thing to add but I promise you it’s not. Greenery indoors can do wonders for your mood and are natural air purifiers. Perfect for when it’s gotten too cold to keep the windows open. If you are like me and your place doesn’t get a lot of sunlight opt for plants that do well in low light. And if also like me and you have pets - pet safe plants are a must.

4. Tea. And other hot drinks

Yup tea. Now if you’re not a tea drinker/lover like myself you can of course replace tea with coffee or hot cocoa. One of the things I love to do at the beginning of fall is stock up on tea. All kinds, black, green, herbal you name it. Tea drinking is a part of my daily ritual and even more so during the colder months. There is nothing more soothing and cozy for me than making a really good cup of tea and curling up on my bed in a blanket and reading or just watching TV. It’s heavenly. Of course you can do this with coffee and cocoa as well! Grab different flavors or your favorite roast and use that as a way to start off or end your day.

5. Lighting

Try switching out your light bulbs for a lower wattage or switching to yellow or orange lighting. Instant cozy vibes. Everything looks like an autumnal plateau under this type of lighting. I wouldn’t do this in every room of course. Pick a room that you like to relax in, like your bedroom.

How do you get your home ready for fall? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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