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The Mod Woman Book Club - January Pick

The Mod Woman Book Club - January Pick

I’m a bit late getting this post up. Mostly because I was thinking of a way to get you the reader more involved with the book club, besides just reading along with me. I want this to be as interactive and collaborative experience as it would be if we all met on a Saturday afternoon at a coffee shop, books and lattes in tow. And so I settled on a pretty simple fix for this. I want YOU to choose the books this year. Towards the end of each month I will post a poll here on The Mod Woman as well on my Instagram stories. I will give two options to choose from and whichever book gets the most votes that will be the book we go with. I hope this is something that you all will enjoy and participate in.

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I decided to go ahead and pick January’s book since we are already nearly halfway into the month and I want to give everyone a chance to actually read the book before we pick February’s book. This month’s book is The Villa in Italy by Elizabeth Edmondson. An author whose work I have enjoyed immensely.


An enchanting, tightly woven mystery as four troubled people find hope and redemption in the seductive sunlight of an Italian summer. 
Italy, 1958. None of the four strangers summoned to the magical Villa Dante on the coast of Liguria knew Beatrice Malaspina. Yet she named them in her will: Delia, an opera singer with no voice; George, a physicist haunted by the horrors unleashed at Los Alamos; Marjorie, a struggling detective novelist, and Lucius, a New York banker with grim memories of the war in Europe. 
They find a Paladian villa with enchanting frescoes, a mediaeval tower, and a garden that leads to the sea. The villa seems spellbound, with its tower locked and its fountains dry. 
Why are they there?
Who was Beatrice Malaspina?
… And what is the devastating secret hidden in her villa?

Happy reading!

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