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 5 Things I'm Okay Spending Money On....and 3 Things I'm Not

5 Things I'm Okay Spending Money On....and 3 Things I'm Not

Your 30's are a time of change. Not in the same way that your 20's are. That time when you are still figuring out who you are and who you want to be. No, in your 30's - it's more about taking all those personal discoveries in your 20's and putting them into real life practice. One of the things that has changed for me over the last year or two is my relationship to money. Some of that has been through financial necessity. And some has been through me deciding for myself what's important - and what's not. I am a shopper. I always have been. But I no longer shop so much on impulse. I now recognize that sometimes I like to shop simply to feel better. And that's dangerous. I try not to make split second choices about big splurges or things that I want. If I really want something now - I think about it. I mull it over and if it's still on my mind? Then I purchase it.  There are some things that I am perfectly willing to spend money on. And some I simply refuse to - and those things have changed quite a bit over the last ten years.


1. Skincare

This is a recent phenomena for me. I have suffered with acne to varying degrees for most of my life. I used to just use drugstore skincare products.   Nothing cost more $10. And then I'd wonder why my skin never seemed to be improving. In 2015 I started using And it was the first skincare system that I spent upwards of $50 a month on. That was a big deal for me. And it changed my skin completely. Unfortunately for me a year into using the system my sensitive skin decided it no longer liked it and decided to break out in a lovely allergic reaction to the Benzoyl Peroxide cream. I was devastated. Since then I have been on a nearly three year journey to find something comparable that will have the same kind of effect on my skin. The results have been mixed. Right now my skin is in flux. There have been some major improvements to it but I still haven't gotten it exactly where I want it. The one thing that I have discovered is that spending money on skin care isn't a bad thing. I no longer cringe when I see the price of certain skincare products. If they work - I'm buying it. I no longer see it as frivolous and more as an investment in myself.  

2. Makeup

I have always liked makeup in theory. For many years I was simply a lipstick and eyeliner girl with the occasional smattering of a bronze-y eye shadow for special occasions. In the last two years or so, that has completely changed. I now wear a full face of makeup most days. Why? Not for any other reason than I actually really enjoy it. I used to watch YouTube makeup tutorials and marvel at the looks the beauty influencers would create and think " I could never do that". One day my answer became, "Why not?" I had run a nail art blog for seven years and taught myself everything from how to freehand artwork onto my nails with just a brush and some acrylic paint to how to apply acrylic nail tips. Why couldn't I teach myself how to do this? Like nail art was for me for very long time, makeup has become a form of personal creative expression. As well as a challenge. Can I do a really great smokey eye? I don't know, but let me try it out a few times and get back to you. That's been my motto with makeup for the last year and half and I have been really enjoying it. 


3. Travel

As I inch closer to 40 than I am to 35 one of my biggest regrets is not having traveled as much as I would have liked in my 20's and early 30's. Most of the reason for that was financial. Now I would like to focus on taking the time to save and really put money aside for those dream destination spots. The older I get the more I value experiences more than things.

4. My Home

I am a homebody. I also suffer from depression and so for me my living space plays a huge role in my sense of well-being and comfort. Bedding, plants, scented candles, comfy decor and furniture that is useful but still beautiful are all things that I have no problems spending money on. Creating a positive environment is a priority for me. 

5. Food

 I like food. And I like good food. I am not an extravagant spender on these things by any means. But I enjoy a really great meal at a restaurant and I enjoy my takeout orders as well. We don't love to cook in my house. Well - we enjoy cooking - we just don't really love it in our extra small kitchen. And so while most meals are cooked at home- I have no problem opening my GrubHub or Postmates app for a bit of takeout once in awhile. Right now I am craving Butter Chicken from an amazing restaurant we always order from...I may have that for dinner tonight!


What I DON'T Like Splurging On


1. Designer Handbags

In my 20s I spent a lot of money on designer bags. A LOT. And I still have about 80% of them (some I sold on eBay for a tidy profit back in the day). And I don't use any of them. Now don't get me wrong - they are amazingly gorgeous bags. So gorgeous in fact that when I used to wear them I would get anxious about them. Worried about them getting stained, ripped or something spilling on them. Not to mention that because of the high quality materials, these bags were heavy. Even with nothing in them. After awhile my shoulders and back began to complain. And so I bought a cute cheap bag online that I used literally everyday for a year.  It was lightweight, big enough to hold all the stuff I lug around on a daily basis and it was cute. And when it was too worn for me to use anymore? I happily got rid of it. I haven't used a designer bag since. Now are there designer bags that I still ogle and blow kisses at whenever I see them? Yes. Because I like pretty things. If someone swung a YSL Kate Monogram Chain Bag in my face and asked me if I wanted it I would nod enthusiastically (that purse is really gorgeous). But - the amount of money that purse costs could be money for a trip. Now if I were rich? Sure. No sweat.  I'm decidedly not (maybe one day my numbers will come up - just kidding). I simply can't justify it. If anyone is giving one away for free I will gladly take it off your hands!


2. Designer Shoes

See above. Same deal.


3. Wardrobe Basics

You know, your tank tops, white t-shirts, socks? Yeah - there is literally no good reason to spend tons of money on those kinds of things. I have always believed that and I still believe that. I have never purchased a white t-shirt over $15. Does that sound cheap? Shrug. Whateves. White shirts stay white for about two seconds. Why spend tons of money on something that you will have to get rid of in 6 -8 months time? The same goes for socks. If I had a nickel for every sock I've lost over the years I'd be a very rich woman.

My favorites places to shop for affordable basics? Forever 21 (camisoles for less than $3!), Target and Old Navy. In that order!

What are some of the things you have no problem spending money on? What are some of the things that you simply won't open your wallet for? Let me know in the comments!




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