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Five Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - for Yourself

Five Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - for Yourself

Valentine's Day can be a weird time when you're single.  I like to take that day to focus on people I love in general - my family, my friends and yes - myself. Self love is an important thing and we often neglect it. So this year I am treating Valentine's Day as my personal "Treat Yo Self" holiday. Below is a list of great gift ideas to get for the person who has been with you through every up and down, every triumph and every failure - you. 



1. A Spa Day

Treat yourself to a massage, a facial or a mani and pedi. Whatever floats your boat. I usually only do spa days for my birthday but why not Valentine's Day. Plus - there are great deal on Groupon this time of year for massages. And if you have a single friend buy the couple's package and split it!


2. That one thing you've been eyeing for awhile

We all have it. That one piece of jewelry, pair of shoes, bag, dress we have been wanting for awhile and have been talking ourselves out of buying. If you can afford it without taking out a personal loan or promising an evil wizard your first born then go for it. 


3.  A Donation

Nothing makes me feel as good as when I give back. If you want to make your Valentine's Day a bit brighter try donating to a charity like Feeding America, or your local food depository or homeless shelter. These places often have huge drops in donations after the holidays when people kind of forget about them. Even a small donation can make a huge difference. And it doesn't always have to be money. Many shelters and churches take clothing and toiletry items for the homeless and poor.  


4. Take a class

Ever wanted to take a pottery class or an art class - or even a dance class? Then do it. Don't waste time thinking about if you can do it on your own. You can.


5. Take the day off

That's right. Play hookie. Put on your coziest pajamas, climb into bed,,order in your favorite food, relax and catch up on that book you were reading or that show you are watching on Netflix.


These are a just a few ideas. There are of course many more. I encourage you to think of something you really want to do for yourself. And then do it! And this goes for my non-single ladies as well. Do something special just for you. You deserve it!

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