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39 Things I've Learned

39 Things I've Learned

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday. That sounds weird to write. I don’t feel 39. I don’t look 39 either. #Blackdon’tcrack. Regardless of how I feel or look, I am entering the final year of my 30’s. And I have to tell you - they flew by. It feels like I just turned 30 and was just getting the hang of this “30’s” thing and now it’s nearly over. I felt the same way about my 20’s. I was finally getting my bearings and then it was done. Life comes at you fast. My 30’s have taught me a lot. I’ve learned more about myself during this time then at any other point in my life. And so in celebration of my birthday I want reflect and look back at what I’ve learned over this near decade. Yowzer.


  1. That I am not a blouse kind of girl

  2. That when worn strategically, leggings can in fact double as pants

  3. That I am good at setting boundaries

  4. I enjoy being single

  5. That I am a cat lady and I’m perfectly okay with that

  6. Therapy is great even when you are feeling okay and especially when you’re not

  7. That it’s okay to not be okay

  8. That I am picky about most things in life but especially the important things

  9. That most things in life are not a zero sum game

  10. That doing nothing is sometimes a great way to spend your time

  11. Music is a salve

  12. That while I want children I think I would be okay if I didn’t have them

  13. Walking away from toxic people is a necessity for my well being

  14. Not all opinions need to be voiced and sometimes it’s better to just be quiet

  15. Learning new things makes me feel alive

  16. That routine makes me feel safe

  17. That routine can sometimes her really boring and it’s fun to shake things up

  18. To give myself credit more often and not beat myself up so much

  19. Deep breathing is an anxiety neutralizer

  20. Faith and belief have to be reaffirmed everyday

  21. Worrying doesn’t change or fix anything

  22. That soulmates come in all forms and are very often not romantic

  23. Being able to admit you’re wrong is the one of the first steps to maturity

  24. I am proud and happy to be a black woman

  25. I am proud and happy to be a Muslim

  26. Taking care of one’s mind has to be just as important as taking care of one’s body

  27. Learning never stops

  28. That I am a city girl through and through

  29. Life can change on a dime

  30. I am more capable than I ever realized

  31. Family is everything

  32. That friendships change and that’s okay

  33. Kindness is more important than being nice

  34. Investing in myself will always yield a good return

  35. Being brave means being afraid and doing it anyway

  36. Long walks are a great form of therapy

  37. Sunscreen is a must

  38. That you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style

  39. Always listen to your gut; it’s never wrong

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