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My Favorite Color Combos for Fall

My Favorite Color Combos for Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion. It’s when I feel the most like myself sartorially and where I feel I can best express my personal sense of style. It’s also when I indulge in my sweater and boot obsession, but we won’t get into that. This season I have been thinking of new ways to wear my favorite falls colors: Mustard yellows, burnt oranges, olive green and camel. Unexpected color pairings are my jam and I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with ways to wear old wardrobe faves and new additions together.

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Dusty Pink and Tan/Camel

I refuse to refer to this shade as Millenial pink, okay? It’s a dusty pink. A lovely dusty pink. I am late in discovering this shade fashion-wise, but lately I have been loving it paired with tans and camels. I purchased this exact sweater and skirt set from H & M (sadly it’s sold out) to wear with my tan leather boots. Is that copying the model’s styling? Yes. Do I care? No.


Gray, Camel and Navy

I call these colors my “safe zone”. Next to black they are the colors I wear the most often during fall - and winter! What I love about them is that they create an instantly classic, chic look. Especially when worn in separates. I often will wear a pair of gray trousers with a camel sweater and nay and white button down under it or a navy blazer over it. It’s effortless and never looks outdated.


Mustard Yellow and Burnt Orange

…or as some people call it “pumpkin spice”. But it’s burnt orange to me and that’s what I call it. My two favorite fall colors. I wear them together all the time. It never gets old. It’s a colorful look that still manages to pull somewhat neutral due to how muted both colors are. Another way to wear these two colors is to “anchor” them by throwing in a touch of camel.


Gray and Dusty Pink

This combo is amazing. If you are not a pink girl it’s a great way to introduce it into your wardrobe and have it not look too precious. It also wears well with navy and give that color an instant modern boost.


Gray and Camel

A classic that never gets boring. Give me a pair of well made camel trousers any day of the week.


Burnt Orange and Olive Green

Green is my favorite color and I love the yellow-based greens of fall that work well with pretty any fall color. Especially a muted orange, mustard yellow. or a classic camel.


Mustard Yellow and Navy

These two colors work well together pretty much any time of the year, but I especially love them for transitional season like spring and fall. Navy can keep yellow from being “too much” and yellow helps keep the navy from being too serious.


There are a ton of colors that I love and that I enjoy wearing in the fall. But these few are the ones that I tend to reach for the most and make getting ready for work easy and painless. They make me look like I took the time to rally think about what I wore - even I haven’t necessarily.

What are some of your favorite fall color combos? Let me know in the comments!

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