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My Spring Beauty Purchases

My Spring Beauty Purchases

I went on an unofficial “low-buy” in January and part of February because I knew that by the time March rolled around I would be throwing my money at all of the spring beauty releases. I was not wrong. There is something so satisfying about buying bright-colored eye shadow while it’s cold and gloomy outside. With the start of Spring less than 24 hours away I though it would be a great time to show you some of my spring wares. I say some because well spring is just starting and there will most likely be more that I will wind up buying. And then I will promptly go on another low buy and allow my wallet to recover.


*Viseart Petite Pro 5 Soleil Palette

This was my first spring makeup purchase and my very first Viseart palette. I’m not all that interested in the Viseart palettes that everyone raves about that are $80 a pop. The packaging is a turnoff for me (I take issue with charging $80 for a palette that is in cheap drugstore-style packaging) and I can’t justify spending that much on shades I already own ten times over. But - I still wanted to try the Viseart formula. And this little palette caught my eye. The colors are stunning and the $30 price tag was much easier to swallow. Word of caution if you are interested in this palette. It is tiny. It is much smaller than it appears in most photos (it fits in the palm of a hand). If you are cool with that and interested in trying Viseart I say give this one or it’s sister palette Petite Pro 4 Apricotine (a much more “wearable” peach-y toned palette) a try. This palette was exclusive to Beautylish when it first launched but is now available at Sephora.


*TokyoMilk Dead Sexy 06

This perfume is not a new purchase for me. It’s one of my favorite perfumes that I’d ran out of ages ago and completely forgot to re-purchase. I would describe Dead Sexy 06 as a woodsy, sensual scent. It has notes of White wood, ebony, vanilla and orchid. It’s a very “grown-up” scent. And the packaging is pretty cute.


*ColourPop Just My Luck palette

Green is my favorite color so when I got the launch email for this palette I purchased it literally 10 seconds later. I wanted it for St. Patrick’s Day makeup shenanigans but it arrived late (boooo). However it’s a beautiful palette that I will still get tons of use out of. I also picked up the two green liners (which are now sold in a bundle on the ColourPop website). I haven’t used this yet since I just received it but I have swatched it and it’s so pretty. My only gripe is that few a of the colors are a tad too similar and I wish they’d swapped one of them out for a true Kelly or Emerald green. ColourPop recently sneak peeked the follow up to the Disney Princesses collection, Disney Villains and I am so ready for it!


Coloured Raine Safari Raine Eye shadow Palette and Lipsticks

I went back and forth about purchasing anything from this collection. I thought it was beautiful but didn’t know if it was something I absolutely had to have. And then the owner of Juvia’s Place threw massive shade at Coloured Raine and basically accused them of copying their Tribe palette. Which first off let me say was juvenile and uncalled for. Because it is quite clear that simply wasn’t the case. It actually made me want to purchase the Safari Raine palette to compare - not to mention that everyone was raving about the formula and how amazing it is. I own the Queen of Hearts palette and the formula is really nice, so I bit the bullet and purchase the palette. I also picked up two of the lipsticks in the collection, May She Raine and Queendom. I skipped the darker lipstick, Huntress, since I own Pat McGrath’s Leatherette and the colors are very similar. Okay so back to the palette. It’s beautiful. The photos online and on social media do not do it justice. The formula is creamy, the metallics are like molten liquid…it’s a banger. And as someone who owns the Tribe palette - with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 shades- they are decidedly not alike. The Tribe palette is very bright and bold while the Safari palette is earthy. You can actually do some fairly neutral looks with the Safari Raine palette which you cannot achieve with the Tribe palette.


*Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette

I knew I was buying this the moment I saw it teased on Trendmood’s Instagram. An ABH palette that is not neutrals?! Sign me up. I love ABH’s neutral palettes. Soft Glam is my jam and Sultry is nice (though not one of my personal fave of theirs). I feel like after the Subculture drama ABH stepped away from color which really bummed me out. Because I was of the minority of people who actually liked Subculture. That may be because I got one of the palettes that was more firmly pressed, I don’t know. But that palette is beautiful. And ABH has one of the best eyeshadow formulas on the market so I was very excited for this palette. I have used Riviera a handful of times since getting it and the colors are so pretty. They blend well and the pigmentation is on point. And you can in fact do a neutral look with this palette - go figure. I was watching Mel Thompson’s YouTube review of the palette and she created a really gorgeous easy neutral look that I copied because I loved it so much,. The gold metallic color called Estate, is one of the best gold metallics I have ever used. I was able to create a “faux” cut crease with it - and didn’t have to wet my brush. Hola!


*L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation and Full Wear Waterproof Concealer

I told myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore drugstore foundations for awhile because I already own quite a few and had recently tossed and decluttered a bunch more. But what can I say? I’m weak. After seeing so many positive reviews of the foundation, my curiosity got the best of me and I purchased it. Well actually I purchased three bottles. This is the story of my life and why I have slowed down on buying drugstore foundations. Because I am almost always between shades. Which means I usually wind up buying multiple bottles to create my perfect shade - which then kid of defeats the purpose of an affordable drugstore foundation. This foundation has a healthy shade range of 30 shades. But my neutral with slightly yellow (but not too yellow) undertones was hard to find a match for. I purchased shade 500 originally - which was waay too warm for me. I now mix 475 & 485. It’s not a perfect match but it’s pretty close. And it’s worth it because this formula is BOMB. Seriously. It works with both dry skin types and my oily skin. It doesn’t break up on my skin and the finish is natural - not too matte or too dewy. I’ve been wearing it pretty much every single day since I got it. The Full Wear Waterproof Concealer I got when I ordered the foundation and was curious how they worked together. They work beautifully together - and the shade match, I use Almond, is damn near perfect for me. I use this to cover spots, redness or blemishes, or under my eyes. It is full coverage without looking cakey or heavy and lasts well throughout the day. I have used it with other foundations as well and it still lays nicely on the skin. I’m not a huge concealer person - I don’t wear it everyday - but this one is very nice.

Additional Items

I also picked up a couple of other things not included above so I will add them here.


Urban Decay Beached Palette

This was a limited edition palette that Urban Decay released in Summer 2018. I hemmed and hawed about buying it and ultimately decided against it. But Hautelook (who I mentioned in last week’s post), had it for sale for only $17. And so I snapped it up. I’ve used the palette twice and have worn every shade. It’s a nice palette. I feel like I will definitely get use out of it, the shades are beautiful (my personal fave is Blaze a duochrome-y peach shimmer) and the formula is decent. But I’m also glad I didn’t buy it at it’s original $34 price point.

Ofra- glow-up-palette.jpg

*Ofra Glow Up Highlighter Palette

I’ve had my eye on this palette for ages, but every time I’ve wanted to order it, it’s been out of stock. Serendipitously, I got an email from Ofra about their Friends & Family sale with 35% off, and lo and behold the palette was back in stock. It is now back out of stock, so I’m glad I grabbed it when I did. I have used it a handful of times and it’s pretty. A couple of the shades I was a bit disappointed with because they look pink in the pan but apply more golden to the skin. But Ofra’s highlighter formula is one of my favorites and I am still glad to have this in my collection.


*Too Faced Sex on Peach Complexion Set

Another item I hemmed and hawed about and then when it went out of stock I lamented my indecisiveness. This quote is so true: “Nothing haunts you like the things you don’t buy”. This set has haunted me for a year. It comes with a full-sized Better Than Sex Mascara and Peach Perfect Setting Powder (a unicorn that is always out of stock) and minis of the Primed & Peachy Primer and Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray. And all of it for $45. That’s a steal considering that the powder alone is $33 and the mascara is $24. I haven’t received this yet (it’s currently in transit to me), but I wanted to include it. I am so excited to try the setting powder. Everyone I know who has tried it raves about it. Regardless of skin type.

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