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My Winter Makeup Essentials

My Winter Makeup Essentials

Last month I discussed what skincare I’ve been using this winter. Today, I wanted to share the makeup products that have become my go-to during these winter months. My makeup routine doesn’t actually change all that much from summer to winter. My main goal during winter is to not use products that will dry out my skin. No overly matte foundation, for instance. So my setting sprays have stayed the same (Cover Mattifying Setting Spray followed by MAC Fix +). But recently I have switched up a lot of products in my daily routine that I am in love with.


Coverfx Power Play Foundation in G60

I had this foundation on my “must-try” list for what feels like ages, but never got around to trying it. Recently Ulta was offering 5 x times the rewards points on all purchases that coincided with their launching this foundation on their site. I felt like the universe was telling me to “just buy it!". So I did, and it has become my go-to foundation. What I love about this foundation is it has a satin matte finish that doesn’t look flat or dry. The coverage is medium to buildable, And the shade match is pretty much perfect. It also lasts on my skin really well. I recently had a nearly 15-hour long day. I put this foundation on at 6:30am and didn’t take it off until 9pm. And it still looked amazing. This foundation paired with the Hourglass Veil Setting Powder is a winning combo.


Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

This powder….is…expensive. So expensive that when I heard people raving about it I bought the mini version to test it out before dropping nearly $50 on the full size. Hourglass offers a lot of their products in minis which I love. It allows you to try the products and really know how you feel about them before investing in a full size. But when this powder runs out? I will be investing in the full size. It is so finely-milled and what I love about it is that it is truly translucent. I’ve seen it used on deeper skin tones than mine and it disappears on the skin. It leaves a smooth almost blurred effect, takes down shine without leaving your skin looking flat or dull but retains a skin-like finish. It’s a really lovely powder.


Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer

I’ve been on a real Too Faced kick lately which is strange because I’ve never been overly enamored of their products as a whole. I’ve had a few items here and there that I’ve liked but I didn’t own much from them. That changed in December when they had their 12 days of sales on their website. I bought a lot. And one of the items I bought that has made it’s way into my everyday routing is the Sweethearts bronzer. I love a shimmery bronzer. Not too shimmery but one that gives the skin a nice glow. This one does that really nicely. I don’t really blush all that much during the winter, so this gives the skin a natural bit of color. I usually apply it and then apply my highlighter and my skin looks nicely sun-kissed and healthy.


Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer in C12

This has become my go-to concealer for covering up redness or any blemishes I may have. I struggle with redness during the winter months and this shade does a great job of neutralizing it. I apply a few dots on any red spots and around the sides of my nose which tends to get red and then set them with a very light layer of setting powder before applying my foundation. This little trick ensures that the concealer won’t budge or wear off during the day. What I like about this concealer is while it is matte and full coverage it is not drying or heavy on the skin. I also love to use just this with a bit of setting powder when I I am going for a super low key no makeup look.


ColourPop Brow Pomade and Precision Brow Pencil in Cool Cocoa

ColourPop recently reformulated and relaunched their brow products and I decided to give them another go despite not having been completely in love with them when they first launched. The new formula is leaps and bounds better than the original. Specifically the two products that I use pretty much everyday; the brow pomade and the precision brow pencil. I use the pencil to help create shape and then fill in the my brows with the pomade. You can create a really soft (with a light hand) natural look or a really sharp clean “Instagram” brow.


Becca Khloe x Malika Glow Letters

I admit it: I bought these purely because I loved the look of them. They looked pretty. So I ordered them. And then I saw and read reviews for them and immediately regretted my choice. People bashed the cheap packaging - which I agree with, but it’s also in line with the under $20 price point so I don’t feel it’s worth complaining about all that much. And yes the letters are very soft and fragile. I wound up returning mine to an Ulta store and exchanging for a new one because the letters had been pulverized in shipping. But the actual product? Is fantastic IMO. If you want a soft “lit from within” look this product is beautiful. This is not the product to reach for if you want a blinding highlight. It’s meant to give you a “glow” - hence the name. This product makes my cheekbones look sun-kissed.


What are your current makeup essential for the winter season?

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